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Why Hire Ionic Developer

The mobile app development framework Ionic, is a popular for the Hybrid Mobile App development. It uses the HTML5 and AngularJS and since the launch of this framework in 2003, globally it is powered by a community of more than five million developers.

The impressive feature of Ionic has simplified the way mobile apps are developed in a manner that one code can be run anywhere, irrespective of any device or operating system limitation.

The demand for mobile applications seems to increase endlessly, and Ionic with its feature of cross-platform development swifts the development process and lessens the time to market.

Our Ionic Development Services Includes

Ionic Testing Solutions

Cross-Platform Consulting

Ionic App Maintenance & Support

Ionic Android App Development

Ionic iPhone App Development

Ionic Windows App Development

Industry Expertise Of Our Ionic Developer

Core19 Logo

Core19 is a mobile platform that is aimed towards connecting local authorities/government with their residents during this pandemic and using this platform as a means and ways to provide valuable information.Individuals can register themselves (or skip as guest) to find the latest information regarding pandemic such as nearby businesses, COVID insights, etc. Useful insights are published by the local authorities and governments.

  • Location-based aggregation

  • Single source of interaction

  • Get notified in real-time when necessary

  • Location based information dissemination

  • Increase engagement with authorities and businesses

  • State-of-the-art chatbot mechanism for self-assessment.


Our Portfolio And Expertise

Get access to the industry-best Developers for hire to scale quicker and fast-track the software development process.

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Our case studies provide real-world examples of our problem-solving approach, technical prowess, and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Explore our collection of insightful case studies that showcase our expertise and innovative solutions. And gain valuable insights into how we have successfully addressed complex challenges across various industries. So, are you ready to discover the power of our solutions?

Key benefits of choosing our Dedicated Ionic Development Experts

Open Source

Ionic being an open source multi-platform mobile app development simplifies the process and lets one easily start the project.


Ionic is a multi-platform mobile app development framework. You can hire the Ionic App developers and gets apps developed in Android, iOS, Windows, and more

Super-Swift Deployment

The deployment of applications created using Ionic framework are super easy and simple. This feature impressively decreases the time to market and saves a lot on costs.

One Codebase

With Ionic you can use single codebase on different and several mobile app platforms, this facilitate easy development of your mobile application in various technologies.

Why Hire Dedicated Developer from ViitorCloud

To get in progress on your technology project, hire expert Ionic developers with exceptional skill sets and a result-driven approach.

10 Years Of Expertise

With over a decade of experience in developing, designing and strategizing, we help you leverage the latest technology to bring your vision to life.

Outstanding Team

We are home to a vast pool of development and design experts who have honed their craft through years of hands-on experience in the industry.

Simple Hiring Process

We strive to make our hiring process streamlined and hassle-free. We offer flexible engagement models tailored to meet your specific needs.

No Time Zone Restriction

Our team of programmers, developers and designers is readily available to serve clients worldwide, no matter the time difference.

Timely Delivery

With our commitment to meeting deadlines, you can trust us to complete your projects within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Incessant Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated team provides 24/7 support and advanced troubleshooting services, ensuring that your systems always run smoothly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance

We ensure successful outcomes. Through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes, we guarantee a result that meets the highest standards.

End to End Support

From conceptualization to deployment and beyond, we provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring a smooth and successful project journey.

Ready to go

Ready To Get Started

Is your mind full of ideas? Connect with our professional and highly dedicated Ionic developers today. Lets' start your Ionic development with us!

Let's collaborate to build lasting, positive value together.

Hire Ionic Programmer With Full Stack Expertise

Project Management Tools

GitHub Project
Browser Tools & Ionic DevApp

UI Library

Ionic Material​


Google Place API
Google Cloud Vision
Web Speech API

Cloud Hosting

Fire Store / Fire Base

Version Control Systems


Coding Standard Tools

ES6 standard

Database Connectivity

Fire Store / Fire Base
PHP Laravel


Visual Studio Code

Flexible Hiring Models for Your Needs Variety of hiring Models

Explore our range of hiring models and choose the model that best suits your requirements, ensuring flexibility and convenience in building your dream team or executing your project.

Dedicated Team

With our dedicated team model, you get a full-time team solely focused on your project, ensuring timely delivery. Paying a monthly fee, you receive transparent costing and a transparent approach, ensuring you pay only for the evaluated work without any hidden charges.

No Hidden Pricing

Monthly Costing

Transparent approach

Pay Only For Evaluated Work

Fixed Price

In this model, you need to provide us with comprehensive details of your project, and our programmers work on the decided requirements with a fixed price. It is best for definite project demands and not ideal for large-sized project requirements.

No Hidden Pricing

No Set Up Charges

Milestone Based Payments

Fixed Costing & Deadlines

Hourly Pricing Model

In this model, the cost gets fixed as per the working hours needed to complete your project. If your project strategy, scope, and technology requirements are not fixed, select an hourly pricing model which is the most fitting for such a development project.

No Hidden Pricing

Monthly Costing

Demand-based Working Hours

Pay Only For Evaluated Work

Our Developers Expertise in Ionic Technology

MVC Architecture

Lazy Loading Structure

Observable + Promises + Map

Third-party plugin integration

Deeplinking + BranchIO

Mobile Device access APIs

Husky, TS-Lint, and prettier tools maintain the file format

Forms + Directives + Services + Pipes + Interface


Our Hiring Process

Take a look at our simple 4-step process to hire dedicated developers from ViitorCloud. Our hiring process is designed to ensure seamless and efficient collaboration between us and our valued clients. Partner with us and build your dream teach team hassle-free!



Initiate communication and we will understand your project needs to align our resources to your vision.



Hire best-in-class developers from our talent pool. Interview the shortlisted candidates to assess their technical proficiency and suitability with your project needs.



Our developers are now your core team members, taking on assigned tasks and providing daily updates.



We provide you with the agility to resize your team as per your project’s needs; you may expand or downsize the team.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Realize Business Benefits by Leveraging Our Innovative Development Methodologies

Our clients can effortlessly hire the Ionic developers at ViitorCloud at the terms that fit them the best and in the five straightforward steps.

Our technology specialists discuss the project requirements with the clients and comprehensively review all the project needs. A dedicated developer or team best fit for the project is then appointed.

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