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Take advantage skills and development capabilities of our experienced AngularJS Programmers to build top-class web solutions. Hire Angularjs Front End developer to develop dynamic web applications.

Hire AngularJS Developer to build top-notch front-end solution

AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework used for browser-based web applications. Google initially created AngularJS with the MVC capability, but it is now an open-source framework. AngularJS is purely based on HTML and JavaScript. It is a complete framework that makes front-end web development and testing simple and easy. AngularJS Developers for hire are trending globally.

ViitorCloud is known for delivering cutting-edge web applications to different business sizes. Our team of skilled and experienced AngularJS Programmers offers customized solutions to meet clients' specific requirements. Our AngularJS developers for hire are well-equipped with the latest technology trends and knowledge and deliver high-quality projects per the client's expectations.

AngularJS is the ideal framework for designing attractive front-end apps with two-way data binding, Directives, HTML templates, testing features, and Dependency Injection. Our AngularJS Development Services Include AngularJS Web Development, AngularJS Application Development, AngularJS Migration, AngularJS Maintenance and Support.

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Our Angular Development Services Includes

AngularJS for Learning Platforms
Easy to Manage Interactive Apps
Custom Applications in AngularJS
E-commerce Solutions
Music and Video Streaming Applications
Industries Expertise of Our AngularJs Developer
  • Mailbox Management
  • IOT
  • E-Commerce
  • Education
  • Service
  • Entertaiment

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  • list
    Virtual Mailbox + Scanning
  • list
    Open & Inspect + Discarding junk mail
  • list
    Check Deposit + Storage Fees
  • list
    Google Analytics + Google Map
  • list
    Virtual Mailbox
  • list
    Manage Account
  • list
  • list
    Mail Scans and Forwarding
  • #NodeTypeScript
  • #MongoDB
  • #TSLint
  • #Jasmin+KarmaTestcases+E2ETestcases
  • #LazyLoadingStrategy
  • #ServerSideRendering

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Key benefits of Hiring our Dedicated Angularjs Developer

We have a transparent and collaborative work environment which leads to complete visibility to the client from the beginning of the project. By setting clear expectations and working collectively towards goals, our AngularJS developers can achieve success much faster than if they were working independently or from the site.
Our expert AngularJS Developers are known for providing highly creative and optimized web development solutions. Hire AngularJS developers to develop customized AngularJS applications. Our AngularJS experts for hire utilize their expertise in coding, design patterns, and libraries to deliver high-performance web applications.
We don't offer the most economical services, but we assure you of the highly competitive project quotes for superior Angular JS developers. Our Expert AngularJS developers for hire are better known for the quality of our solution.
Our AngularJS Developers use cutting-edge techniques and practices to create the most innovative and groundbreaking software. We ensure faster development and satisfactory solutions by deploying advanced methodologies such as agile development.
ViitorCloud is a leading AngularJS Development Company that offers top-notch web development solutions to clients worldwide. Our experienced AngularJS developers have been delivering cutting-edge solutions across various industries, including healthcare, real estate, education, e-commerce, and many more. Our Expert AngularJS programmer possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in developing customized applications using the latest technologies; they offer end-to-end AngularJS development services from consultation to implementation. Our professional approach toward project management ensures the timely delivery of projects with high-quality standards. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to providing innovative solutions at competitive prices have helped them build long-term relationships with their clients.

Why Hire Angular Expert from ViitorCloud

To get in progress on your technology project, hire expert angularjs developers with exceptional skill sets and a result-driven approach.

Over 10 years of experience in programming, designing, developing and strategizing.

Pool of talented development experts with vast experience and unparalleled proficiency.

Flexible engagement models and simple hiring process.

Programmers and developers available to serve clients from diverse time zones.

Time abound delivery, competitive pricing and highly streamlined communication system.

Round the clock support and advanced technical troubleshooting.

Robust Testing and Quality Assurance measures for delivering superior performance.

End to End support from planning and development to distribution.

Developer's Workplace Image
Developer's Workplace Image
years of
Hire AngularJs Programmer With Full Stack Expertise
Project Management Tools
UI Library
Angular MaterialBootstrap
Third party integration
Google servicesAWSPayment gatewauysCKeditorChat applicationsLeafletVideojs
Version Control Systems
Cloud Hosting
AWSAzure devopsFirebase Hosting
Coding Standard Tools
TSLintPrettierNg lintCompodocVscode-angular-snippets
Visual Studio CodeSublime Text
Application state management
Developer Tools
Angular devtoolsChrome DevTools
Our Dedicated Developers
Choose From A
Variety of hiring Models

We know the varied number of clients' requirements. In terms of hiring models, we offer high flexibility to our clients.

You can choose from the dedicated hiring model as per your project requirements.

Hourly Pricing Model

If you are not sure about your work amount, choose an hourly-based model. The pricing gets fixed according to the working hours required to fulfil your project requirements. If your project plan, scope and specifications are not fixed, choose an hourly model, which is the best choice for app development.

  • list
    No hidden costs
  • list
    Monthly billing
  • list
    Requirement based working hours
  • list
    Pay only for measurable work
Our Developers Expertise in AngularJs Technology

  • list
    MVC Architecture
  • list
    Lazy Loading Structure
  • list
    Server side rendering
  • list
    PWA + Service worker
  • list
    HTTP Client + Interceptor
  • list
    Modules + Components
  • list
    Code Coverage Report
  • list
    Expertise in Building Rich Material User Interfaces
  • list
    Forms + Directives + Services + Pipes + Interface
  • list
    Easy maintenance of your website
  • list
    TDD (Test Driven Development) Structure
  • list
    RX-JS Library + Observable
  • list
    VAPT testing - TS-Lint and Prettier, W3 Validator, tools.pingdom + GTmetrix+ Lighthouse for PWA + Performance Improvement
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Frequently Asked Question
Where should I hire an AngularJS developer?
You can hire AngularJS developers on platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. You can also contact specialized software development companies like ViitorCloud that provide Dedicated resources to hire.
How can I measure an AngularJS developer's skill?
To measure an AngularJS developer's skill, you can evaluate their experience, project portfolio, technical skills, problem-solving ability, and communication skills.
Why should I hire an AngularJS developer or a full-stack developer?
Hiring an AngularJS developer can be beneficial if you are looking for a specialist in front-end developer who can build dynamic and responsive web applications.
How much does it cost to Hire Angular JS developers?
The cost of hiring an AngularJS developer varies based on their experience, location, and project requirements. On average, the hourly rate of an AngularJS developer ranges from $30 to $100.
Does ViitorCloud provide support and maintenance services after deployment?
Yes, ViitorCloud provides support and maintenance services after deployment. We offer different maintenance plans to ensure the smooth functioning of your web application and to fix any bugs or issues that may arise.
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We offer a risk-free 15 days trial to our clients. You will only need to pay if you are satisfied with our web and app development solutions and wish to continue your product development with us.

Let us help you at each stage of the product development cycle to develop intuitive, functional and robust applications.

Delivering Business Benefits by Leveraging Innovative
Development Methodologies

Our clients can effortlessly hire the AngularJs developers at ViitorCloud at the terms that fit them the best and in the five straightforward steps.

Business Methodology
  • 01
    Project Requisites Discussion
  • 02
    Project Analysis and Specifications
  • 03
    Engagement Model Selection
  • 04
    Terms and Timelines Plan
  • 05
    Get Started with the Project
Project Requisites Discussion
Our technology specialists discuss the project requirements with the clients and comprehensively review all the project needs. A dedicated developer or team best fit for the project is then appointed.